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Weekly Bulletin - May 31st, 2020

Bishop Powers has instructed parishes to offer the distribution of Holy Communion to the faithful on Sunday afternoons. The reception will not take place during a Mass but will occur with a simple prayer opportunity to receive the Eucharist. Given the COVID-19 guidelines we are allowed only 10 people in the Church at one time. So this is what we will do at St. Francis Church on Sundays beginning May 24th:

1. The church building will be open from 10 AM until noon for private prayer and reflection. If you desire to pray before the Blessed Sacrament, light a candle or simply need some reflection time then please come to church during these hours. The church building will be locked at Noon.

2. The church will be open again at 1 PM for the Distribution of Holy Communion. Only the ramp door will be open for entrance. Communion will be distributed from 1 PM until 2 PM.

3. When you enter the ramp door you will be met by an usher-guide. Only eight individuals at one time can participate in the reception of Communion. Stay to your right and when you are instructed by the usher-guide proceed down the center aisle to the front of the church.

Please keep proper social distancing and stand in the center aisle on one of the tape-marked spots. Father Jim (or another communion minister) will lead a short prayer before the distribution of the Eucharist to the group.

4. Once you have received Communion, please exit the church by way of the 5th Street side aisle. Stay to your right as you leave the building. Please do not stop for private prayer in the pews or to visit with others. We ask that you exit the building immediately once you are back at the ramp door. The proper flow of traffic will allow another group of eight people to take their place in the center aisle.

5. When you are in church for the Eucharist please wear a facemask. You will remove your face mask before your receive Communion. Please sanitize your hands when arriving in the church and before you leave. Containers of hand sanitizer are available at the door.

6. We ask that you receive Communion in your hands and not on the tongue. This will diminish the possibility of any spread of disease.

7. The Distribution of Communion will be for one hour only (1 PM until 2 PM) or until all are satisfied. The church building will be locked after 2 PM.

8. Again, please keep proper social distancing in mind, both in the parking lot and in the church. Thank you for your help.

9. We will see how this process works. God help us!

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