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Weekly Bulletin - May 10th, 2020

Updated: May 11


Permit me to wish you the very best of blessings this Mother’s Day. It will be a different sort of holiday to be sure; there are no Barker’s Breakfast Buffets, Belgian Waffle feasts in the parish hall or large family gatherings. That is life in the merry old month of May. Please allow me the opportunity to reminisce a bit. My beloved mother (named Mary Ellen who passed away in 1993) was a woman of strong faith and joyful humor. If I had to name one fault in mom it would be that it was impossible to buy her a gift for any occasion. The running joke in the family was that should you buy Mary Ellen a present you best keep the receipt because more than likely it would be returned. I recall one year when I was in high school and had saved money from working as a “bag-boy” at the Tower Avenue National Foods I purchased a very expensive bottle of Estee Lauder cologne for Mother’s Day. It was the company’s newest fragrance. Knowing that mom was an “Estee Lady” I figured the offering would be well received. After opening the beautifully wrapped package mom did not seem at all thrilled. So I asked her what the matter was. She sighed dramatically and responded, “Well, it kind of smells like the Ladies’ Room at the Palace Theatre!” We all had a chuckle and it should be noted that mom kept the latest bestowal. One of my mother’s finest qualities was that she was so good at giving advice and direction. Mom had great wisdom and insight and said the right thing always. Many people came to my mother for sound advice and she guided them with care, understanding and good judgment. We are all blessed when we have someone in our life to confide in and one who will give us loving direction.

This sense of guidance is one of the keys to today’s Gospel (see John 14:1-12). Before his crucifixion the Lord tells his disciples to not have troubled hearts. The apostle Thomas responds with this question, “Master, how can we know the way?” Jesus says to him (and to all of us), “I am the Way and the Truth and the Life.” In his Last Discourse to His followers the Messiah tells the Church that He will faithfully pilot us and will always provide us with the guidance we need in life. These are comforting words in a time of great uncertainty as we need the leadership and mercy of our Savior now more than ever.

When life throws us a curve ball our faith can go in one of two ways: it can either FLOUNDER or FLOURISH. Should we think that we are all alone in this hectic world and that there is little hope because of illness, financial struggles or societal uncertainty we will most likely flounder. We can feel lost or even in despair. But if we trust God and His Word it will be just like the tulips of spring: our faith will flourish. We are alive in the Risen Christ for He is “the Way, the Truth and the Life!” May the Scripture today encourage us to keep the faith and to be open to the loving guidance and direction of our Lord and Messiah.

With the promise of Christ and with the help of our Catholic Faith we are then challenged to share God’s Good News of fidelity and peace. In today’s Gospel the Lord tells the apostle Phillip, “Amen, amen I say to you, whoever believes in me will do the works that I do.” As Jesus directs us through His Divine Mercy we are called to model our lives after Him and guide others to the reality of His love. We are instruments of God’s hope and we are called to be people of mission in our complicated world. Let our faith flourish as we have confidence that Jesus advises us every day and calls us to share the peace of God which is beyond all understanding.

During this Pascal Season and on this festive Mother’s Day let us pray for all mothers, living or deceased. Let us remember those who have lost a child to death. Let us be grateful for the guidance of devoted parents and grandparents. Above all, let us celebrate our Easter Faith in a Risen Savior who is “the Way” and leads us to abundant life. Happy Mother’s Day!

Take good care!

Father Jim


****As of now all services and activities are cancelled through Memorial Day. When times are safe parish life will resume as usual.

****The church building will be open from 10 a.m. until Noon (Sunday through Friday) for personal reflection and prayer. Please keep proper social distancing in the church.

****The parish office continues to be open during normal working hours. You can call the office during these times and should you stop by the office you can conduct business through the intercom system.

****Times are difficult financially. Thanks to all who continue to support the parish. Donations can be mailed to the Church, placed in the mail slot at the parish office or put in the deposit box near the candle stand in the front of the church. You can also donate on-line (catholicdos.org) by using the “Today for Tomorrow” campaign.

****Our thoughts and prayers are with the family of our deceased, James Brochu. Funeral plans are pending.

****The parish food shelf continues in operation. Should you have a need please call the parish office for assistance.

****Our Recent Collection (April 25-26): $5,183.00. We appreciate your generosity!

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